Featured Doldrummers

Here are pictures of some of our members (this section will definitely grow with time!

Colin Mortimer flying one of his deltas. He is a superb builder and flyer and came second in the SA championships last year for pairs flying.See our photo gallery for a picture of his seven sisters kite.

Johan Laurens, king of paper light single liners. Johan is currently busy with theological studies and is unfortunately quite busy at the moment.

Mervyn Franconi is mainly into flying Flexifoils and Bobcats (a smallish powerkite). He created a quadline out of his bobcat, which is great fun!

Otto Alfeld, unofficial chairman of the club and super enthusiast. Bouncing back from a mild heart attack, the new Otto is leaner (but not meaner) than before!

Rob McGregor with his car (his wife's car looks similar!) Now if you don't call that passionate I don't know.

Stuart Booth, the undisputed owner of the most kites in Gauteng. He flies mainly single liners and transports his kites in a trailer.

Leon von Moltke, your webmaster, flying where he always seems to end up when flying at the coast, right in the water!

Johan Mare, one of our Pretoria members.

Kyle Skopelitis, kite fanatic, super 540'er and committee member .

Lize van den Heever, kite builder from Pretoria.

Peter Rodda, our youngest member, with his newly created diamond stack.

Ockie van Rensburg with his custom-made Peter Betancourt Bad Boy II UL.