Photo Gallery

A dog fight!  Otto's Stranger chasing a blimp...didn't quite catch it though.

Otto Alfeld, the "Chairman" who started organising the club with lots of enthusiasm and patience.

Beautiful appliquéing on a fairly simple kite.  The kite was flown by Stewart Booth at one of our fun-flies.

Have a heart for the "kite widows" who are always understanding and supportive, despite having to tag along to kite flies and spend the day with people they have never met before.

A couple of feathers and some people deciding which light wind kite would work in the absence of wind.

The official Doldrums "Kite-eating Tree."  The only tree anywhere close enough to fly your kite into (we fly on fairly large sport grounds).  After a lot of effort, Otto managed to reclaim his kite.

An exquisite Seven Sisters kite made by Colin Mortimer. The tail is approximately 30m long, which gives an indication of the size of the kite. The bottom picture shows Colin attaching the last spars.

A photo of a couple of Doldrum's members at a fun-fly. The guy sitting on the left (Rob McGregor) owns the car in the background, which he decorated with kite related stickers and the Kite Shop (in Cape Town) logo.