South African Kite Links

Below is a list of all the South African kite-related links that we have been able to trace:

Kite shops:
Link Description
Kites Galore and More A wide variety of kites and accessories.
Kite Shop (Johannesburg agent) Agent for Kite Shop in CT (and member of Doldrums!).  Contact Rob before phoning CT.
Kite Shop Probably the biggest and best known kite shop in South Africa.  Stocks most types of kites and accessories.
Techno Kites Sells Spirit of Air, Rare-Air, Wallend-Air and The Beetle.
Wallend-Air Powerkites.
Windsong Kites Most types of kites and accesories, including very nice single-liners.

Other links:

Link Description
KOSA Kites over SA has been created by David Forsyth to provide a nice overview of kite flying in SA.
Cor Winkler A power kiter with some very cool AVI's on the power kite site.
Dudley Drummond-Hay Cor's flying partner.
Power kiting in SA Check this out! Cool AVI's of people flying at low altitude.
Leon von Moltke Lots of nice pictures and other stuff on kites.
Damien du Toit Nice site with general info on kites.
Glen Thomas The first (and so far only) site on KAP in SA.
David Forsyth Grahamstown kite flyer and keeper of the KOSA site.
SAKFA South African Kite Flyers Association - the controlling body for SA kite flying.