Kite Arch

The first "flight" of the kite arch is planned for 30 August at the RMB Kite Day. It is intended to be an easy and fun project, the first of its kind for Doldrums Kite Club. Please contact Leon or Otto with any comments.

The kite arch will be made up of around 20 or more diamond shaped kites, using a single flying line as the cross spar for each kite. This line will then be pegged so that the arch will dance in the wind. It is easy to set up and will relaunch (supposedly) if the wind drops.
The following measurements and instructions are based upon plans for a kite arch on the Australian Kiteflyers Society website.
It is suggested that an arch of 20 kites is a minimum to achieve the desired effect and that it would provide a basis for further growth of the arch. More kites can be added at a later date.


The following materials are needed to make the kite arch.