Fun Fly 31 Jan 1999

Peter Rodda was so kind to supply us with his digital camera, so here are some pics from our fun fly at the Roodepoort Athletics Stadium on 31 Jan 1999. All the pics taken are displayed, although we might edit some out later.

Peter Rodda flying his new creation, a diamond stack.

Vaughn Gavin flying 2 3-D's in a stack.

Kyle Skopelitis, one of our committee members.

Some of the cars and stuff at the fun fly.

Leon von Moltke (with his farm hat) and someone with a flexi stack.

Leon doing a "Fly-pass" with his Pizazz.

Lize van den Heever, one of our Pretoria members.

Ockie van Rensburg with his custom-made Bad Boy II UL.

Kyle setting up to make his famous "boerie" rolls.

The kite widows!

Leon and his wife Alice having a picnic.

Mervyn Franconi flying his home-made Rev.

Kyle throwing a 540 flatspin.

A flat spinning Outer Space and a swooping flexi!

Kyle's son Dustin holding the Outer Space.

Lize's wind propeller.