Welcome to issue No. 1 of DKC NEWZ??  - (suggestions to for a name for future newsletters PLEEEZE!)

I'd like to thank everyone who attended the funfly on Saturday 30.05.98. The wind was o.k and Theo Marnewick's flying incredible!

We now have a Doldrums Voicelink number : 088 120 9896.  Please use this number in future if you want to know where the next fly-in will be held! (The phoning around to invite everyone and the sending of e-mails is getting OUT OF HAND!)  Please also use this number to suggest new locations, happenings and anything else you want to let us know.

We have been approached by the ATKV to do a kite demonstration at their "Jeugdag" on 16 June 1998 in Rooihuiskraal, Pretoria.  Kindly let me know if you can attend and if you have any suggestions for a possible sequence of events.  Maybe we could suggest a kite making workshop for the kids?  I'm thinking garbage/shopping bag sleds, dowel sticks and fishing line, here!

Leon von Moltke has drawn up an excellent proposal for a kite festival in Gauteng, to be held in September or October 1998.  Is there anyone out there who is a member of Rotary, Round Table or the Lions Club and could pass this proposal on to the right people?  A kite fest in Gauteng would give our club tremendous exposure!!  It would also our show colleagues in the Cape that things are happening up here in the "Gangsta's Paradise"!

Colin Mortimer and his wife Melanie will be attending the Dieppe Kite Festival in France in September!  He's is currently busy with a kite that he'll enter in the kitemaking competition.  We'll be waiting for a complete report (with picturres, Mel!) on your return!!

Leon was in the UK three weeks ago where he attended the Swindon Kite Festival.  Pictures of his visit can be viewed at :  He was impressed by the enthusiam of the British flyers and also had the chance to fly the latest Tim Benson creation, the Outerspace.

Furthermore I'd like to appeal to appeal to those "members" who have not yet paid to please give me an indication when they are going to do so. Please let me know urgently if you need an application form, apply via our HP at : or approach either Leon or myself at the next fly-in.

To those who have taken the MEMBERSHIP PLUS option i.e. R100,00 , your SAKFA applications are being sent to Cape Town as we speak.  You should receive your SAKFA membership cards through the post within the next four weeks.

We currently have 39 flyers on our list of which only 7 have paid their membership fees for 1998!

So far we have three international "sister" clubs, namely the Thailand Sport Kites Association, Adelaide Kite Flyers (AUSTRALIA) and the Midland Kite Flyers (UK).  We'll be exchanging newsletters, pins (once we get ours!) and information with them.  For more information, or if you intend travelling in the near future, please contact eithe Leon or myself!

I will be faxing or posting this information to those of us not on e-mail.

Kindly let me know if you have any contributions (other than your membership fees ;-)) to assist the DKC.

Kind regards and keep praying for wind

Chief Editor(or whatever):DKCNEWZ(or whatever)

PS: Future editions of DKCNEWZ (or whatever) will be published as hardcopy too!