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Margate festival 1998

Colin and Melanie Mortimer kindly supplied these pictures taken at the Margate festival in 1998.

Hi-Fly (a kite store in Howick) banners reflecting in the water.

A banner from Windsong Kites (a kite shop in Shelley Beach).

Colin Mortimer with his Tri-D Box.

Line junk and Lester's legs.

Oops! One of the sharks escaped from the sea!.

Both sides of Colin's happy/sad face rok (it is called a flip-flop rok).

An interesting display of single-line kites (from left: Jon Stott, Greg Mountjoy and Stuart Booth).

While walking in the veld, Lester got bugged by a bee.

The huge "wind worm", a feast for the children.